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The Center for Bleed Control, otherwise known as the CBC, is the bulk of city implemented law and order. Their main designation is to protect the order of the Twisted Hub and to prevent unchecked Bleed spread. They have three sub-departments known as the Immigration Officials (IOs), the Twisted Hub Police Department (THPD) and the Special Defense Bureau (SDB).

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The Special Defense Bureau are not really members of the CBC. Either they were never fit to be CBC officers, or they were specially selected to serve one of the Governors. Their responsibility is to serve and ensure the defense and prosperity of their particular Governor. They are often low on morals and high on big sticks, but their skill sets often vary. The badge is just there to be shiny, because they don't need it. These agents have a license to thrill, kill and operate heavy machinery while under the influence.

In modern America this team would be like the Secret Service, F.B.I. and the C.I.A all rolled into one enchilada.

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