The Lost DistrictEdit

The FallEdit

Only a few years ago, the Nature & Wildlife District's Spokes were damaged in a dispute between unknown parties. As a result of losing the containment that the Spokes provided, the entire district was quickly flooded with a large amount of Genre Bleed from the gates to the ports. Many of the inhabitants of the Lost District were lost in the chaos and destruction in the initial breach and the days that followed, including the Governor. Most of the district's survivors fled through the world ports, never to return. Those who were forced to flee through the Gates were cut off from their own lands and were forced to scatter, seeking asylum within the other districts.


The area adapted rather quickly, a new Governor of unknown origins rising from the ashes to form District 10, the Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic District. There are various small and hardly controlled factions and guilds forming this dystopian district.