The Axis Edit

The Axis, also known as The Bleed, is the central Districts of the city that houses most governmental and public city buildings.

Description Edit

The Spokes all lead here to the Inner Rim where each of the 8 Governors' Towers form gates to the districts. These spires are varied by District but as a whole they are generally called the Axis.

Effects of High Bleed Edit

The Bleed level is so high here that almost anything can happen. It is for this reason that most buildings and walkways are protected by magical and or technological based barriers that offer some protection from [Bleed Disease Name],

The difficulty rating for missions and tasks are higher here and meant for more experienced characters. They offer City Credits and primarily City Reputation, but often include small amounts of related District Reputation.

Culture Edit

Economy Edit

Points of Interest Edit

* These Buildings exist in various locations and are decorated and laid out according to its containing District.

  1. Civil Buildings
  2. The CBC Headquarters
  3. Land and Guild Registry
  4. Public Transport Central Station
  5. Public Square*
  6. Supplies*
  7. Food*
  8. Bar*
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