Welcome to the TheTwistedHub WikiEdit

The Twisted Hub is a (hopefully) soon to be fully operational RP site, with possibilities for all those who wish to join. It will heavily be influenced by Legend of the Green Dragon (and may even use the open source code for it, if we decide to) in terms of website structure.

The Story revolves around a City in the void of time and space, built into a wheel of genre-based districts. Politics, action, mystery, romance...? Where will you claim residency when you immigrate to the Hub? Will you survive the streets with nothing but the strength of your name and the money in your pocket or seek the aid of community and fellow drifters? Will you research and delve into the various genres you have never known, despite the dangers of corruption an social stigma? Will you guide the future of the Hub, or be lost in the Genre Bleed?

Come and see...

...The possibilities are endless.

Table of ContentsEdit

Story Edit

  1. History
  2. Districts
  3. Economy
  4. Points of Interest
  5. IC Lexicon
  6. Roleplay

Gameplay Edit

  1. Rules
  2. System
    1. Character Options
    2. Beginner's Guide
    3. Advanced Information
    4. Features
  3. OOC Lexicon
  4. Site Administration
  5. Help & FAQ

Current Goals and To Do List Edit

We are, at current, working towards creating a foundation for this new role-playing site, and have many things that we need to accomplish before it can be completed. These thing include:

  1. A comprehensible story
  2. A comprehensible "play" area
  3. Server hosting: Current hosting is viable, and being implemented!

Some of these things have already been discussed, but not fully fleshed out.

Latest activityEdit

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