Stats Edit

Basics Edit


Individual Stats Edit

  • Physical (Strength/Dexterity/Constitution)
    • Health Points
      • Might (Strength related physical stat)
      • Finesse (Dexterity and Speed related)
      • Vitality (Constitution-based some-such)
  • Social (Charisma/Appearance/Luck)
    • Lure Points
      • Charm (Charisma-based stat)
      • Appeal (Appearance-based)
      • Kismet (Fate/Luck/Fluke/Coincidence)
  • Mental (Intelligence/Perception/Wits)
    • Psyche Points
      • Smarts (Knowledge/Intellegt-based)
      • Perception (Awareness and Observation-based)
      • Savvy (Wits and Wisdom-based mentals)

Sanity Points/Rating Edit

Bleed Points/Rating Edit

--Condition tags?? Maybe a message is displayed or your description is tagged when fatigued?

--Skills...To skill, or not to skill. This is the question.