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The Truth Edit

Our story begins with the Original 8 that are now known as seven of the current 8 Governors.

Very little is known for certain as to the true origin of the city. What they do know, however, is that the city was built upon a fount of Genre Bleed. The origin of the Bleed Leak is unknown. No one knows why the 8 Governors decided to remain here and build the city, or why they seem to be interested in regulating the amount of Bleed that spreads.

Speculations are abundant.

The Legend Edit

Speaking of speculation, there are at least as many major theories as there are districts. Each of these theories also come in many variations. They range from silly to sinister and everything in between. Even a few religious movements have been inspired by the legends and myth surrounding the Twisted Hub.

Some people claim that the Governors are involved in a secret conspiracy to funnel power and immortality from the effects of Genre Bleed. Some people believe the city is afloat upon the back of a gargantuan tortoise, dragon, crab, whale and various other creatures of nature and fancy. This is unlikely, however since the Hub does seem to be rather stationary. Some people believe that an ancient artifact is buried deep beneath The Axis, causing a tear in reality itself which may cause the Genre Bleed. Some say it's simply a place of great convenience and profit. Others believe this is all some sort of scientific and/or sociological experimentation

(See Also: Individual Districts - For more information on local myth and legend regarding various subjects.)

The Rise of The Axis Edit

The first part of the city to be constructed was The Axis. Comprised originally of only the inner rim and the 8 Governor's Towers, the spokes stretched out radially towards the Sea of Time and Space. The Governors discovered that the Spokes tapped into the fount of Genre Bleed, causing access points to slowly begin appearing. These ports to other worlds produced immigrants, explorers, adventurers and refugees of all sorts. The Governors accepted these new and strange creatures into their new budding city and began, with their help, to construct the original 8 districts between the Spokes and surrounding The Axis.

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