The Basic Skinny Edit

We have various ideas of what we WANT to do with character creation, advancement and customizations. Here we will have basic explanations that link to more detailed pages on each topic. Consider this a mildly informative section's Centent Page, if you will.

Stats Edit

We've decided to go with an expanded Tri-Stat system. The three main Stats are divided into Physical, Social and Mental. Each of these Main Stats have their own point pool and three minor stats, the average of which equals the value of the Parent Stat. See the Stat Information Page for more in-depth details.

EQ Edit

The game is run on who you are, what you have and what you can get. This promises that the game will be item and goodie-intensive. Each character will have their equipped gear listed on their bio, item slots will be limited to locations and by Bleed Ratings. See the Items Concept Page for more information.